WWF - Journey of Water Campaign

We needed to portray South Africa’s catchment areas as living organisms rather than just arbitrary co-ordinates on a map. Each catchment area featured real-time weather updates, photo galleries and a summary of the various threats in the area. By displaying a variety of different information in one place, we were able to give South Africans a clearer picture of the state of their fresh water supply. The site was designed to make the content the hero. We developed a responsive, cross platform, browser independent site, ensuring an optimised experience no matter what device it was viewed on. An easily-accessible menu allowed people to navigate through the site as economically as possible, while the flow of the site seamlessly directed people from catchment area towards conservation tips. A striking visual design was crucial to differentiate the Journey of Water campaign from the host of other water awareness campaigns out there. Provocative headlines in a striking serif typeface engaged with our audiences, questioning their perceptions about the source of their water. Simple, large button design ensured easy navigation. Icons were developed to highlight the various threats facing specific catchment areas, while conservation tips were brought to life in a unique illustration style.

Loerie 2014 - Integrated Finalist
Loerie 2014 - PR Finalist
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